Benedictine Monastery, Tanby, Yeppoon

“Listen…and incline the ear of your heart”
(Rule of St Benedict)

At the heart of monastic life is the practice of listening.  The name we give to this is Lectio Divina, Divine Reading.  We believe that God speaks to us through all the events of life, through the people whom we encounter as well as through the Scriptures. 

Over the years we have shared the fruit of our listening in a number of reflective writings.  On this page are links to these.  Pray as you can and Take Two with Jesus, are free.  Casting the Net is a series of reflections written for school newsletters and are available on subscription. 

Sr Kym Harris osb writes this material, with some imput from Sr Diana Busch osb.

Pray as you canTake 2 with JesusCasting the Net

Benedictine Monastery of the Transfiguration
Tanby, Yeppoon, CQ
40 Hannah Rd.
Tanby, CQ 4703.

“What can be sweeter that this voice of the Lord calling us”
(Rule of St Benedict)

“Let us prefer nothing to the love of Christ”
(Rule of St Benedict)