Lent or Owned

Lent or Owned?

Have you noticed how many people don’t take care of other people’s property as well as they do their own?  Whether it is public property or that of a friend’s, what is ‘lent’ is often not treated well.

Last week, we began the Church’s season of Lent. Yes, this Lent has a different meaning but ‘lending’ and ‘owning’ can be a way into the challenge of Lent.  We often lead our lives as though we don’t really own them, as though they have been lent to us.  We allow fashion, the prejudices of others, what everyone else is doing to dictate our lives rather than listen to the deepest needs of our hearts.  If we find ourselves indulging in excessive use of food, alcohol or gambling, in abuse of drugs, mindless TV or internet surfing, we need to seriously ask ourselves: what desires, what needs of the heart are we trying to dull?  It is as though we are trashing our own lives, rather than living them to the full.  This Lent, take time to reflect on who God has made you to be, so that you are no longer lent but rather come to own your own self, precious in the eyes of God.

Loving God, each year you invite us to reflect on the quality of our lives.  Give us the wisdom of your Spirit that we may know and follow the way that leads to fullness of life.  We ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb