Mary, mother of Jesus and our mother

Mary, mother of Jesus and our mother.

This Wednesday our church celebrates Mary the mother of Jesus in the Feast of the Assumption.  Strange name that but it not about making an assumption in a situation we don’t understand.  Though it could look like that at first.  In Old English ‘assume’ could mean being taken into so on this feast, we celebrate Mary being taken into to be with Jesus.  There, with him, she cares for us.  She knows how to truly care for us for in so many ways she faced and lived gracefully so many of the challenges of human life.

A quick glance at her life shows us that she gave birth to her son in poverty – many have done that. She fled as a refugee – many have done that. She lived in a village with petty gossip – many have done that.  She wondered what her son was doing with his life – many have done that.  She watched him die a horrible death – many have done that.  Through all the events of her life, both good and bad, she believed that God’s love was at work.  She lived by faith, as we are called to do.  Whatever challenges and sufferings came her way, even if she didn’t understand, she believed that God’s love could bring goodness and holiness out of the situation.

Because she was faithful to God in all these situations, we feel that she understands the difficulties of our lives and that she cares for us as she cared for her son, Jesus.  In her all-embracing motherly love, we can see the love of God for us.   Not only is she a model of faith, she comes close to us and shepherds us with the love of God.

Loving God, we praise and thank you for giving us such a model of faith in Mary, the mother of Jesus. As Mary was guided by your Spirit may she in turn give us your wisdom and love, especially in the dark days of suffering and confusion.  We ask this in Jesus name, confident that you will hear us.   

Sr Kym Harris osb