We Remember

We Remember

We are coming into the serious end of Lent, when the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection will be retold and even re-enacted in our churches and our schools.  This is a good time to pause and wonder why we do this.  As one little boy said, when preparation for the school’s ‘Passion Play’ began, “But we did that one last year!”

We remember not because we have forgotten the story, but rather to remind ourselves that this story of salvation is to have an impact on our lives and we are different people to who we were last year.  Ask yourself how you have changed. What have you learnt? What do you need to learn?  In the Gospel, we hear stories that, if we allow them, will give light to our hearts and show us how to relate to God.

The Passion Story focuses not so much on Jesus’ suffering, as on the reaction of people to Jesus.  As we experience the Passion Story in the coming weeks, we should ask ourselves who do we relate to: the faithful women?, the frightened apostles?, cowardly Peter?, the man forced to carry Jesus’ cross?  Most likely we relate to different ones in the different aspects of our lives.  As you ‘recognise’ yourself in this year’s remembering, ask Jesus for the wisdom to enter more deeply into the mystery of God’s love in your life.

Loving God, change is such a part of our lives and at times we struggle to make sense of ourselves.  As we hear of Jesus’ love through suffering and death, may we learn how to make love the cornerstone of our lives. We ask this in his name confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb