You… a Saint in the Making

You….a saint in the making.

This Friday, we celebrate one of the most important feasts in the Church’s year – the Feast of All Saints.  We remember all the holy people who have existed – especially those whose holiness was never recognised publicly. Think of the good, generous people whom you have known who have died.  This is the day to celebrate their holiness.  There have been all sorts of saints – gentle and calm people, outgoing and vivacious people, quiet followers and outstanding leaders.  There have also been cranky people who mellowed and outrageous sinners who repented.  They followed all sorts of careers – mothers, fathers, sailors, nurses and possibly some careers we wouldn’t recommend to our children!   Each had a unique personality, a distinctive story.

As you celebrate the saints you have known, you can be inspired to own the type of saint you could be. With your unique personality, you too can reflect the glory of God’s love to those around you.  What is it that you do well that you can offer in love?  Some show love by listening, others by cracking a joke, some show love by being there, others by working hard. We can’t do everything but we can embrace the person God has made us to be and offer that in love.  No matter how small we may think our gifts are, when we use them with love, they become great in the eyes of God.  When each of us, does his or her part, we become a loving community glorifying God with joy.

Loving Father, your Spirit draws us together into a family of love.  With the help of Jesus our brother may we truly embrace the gifts you have given us and show your love to the world in the way we use them.  We ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb