Love Changes Everything

Love Changes Everything

What do we tell out children about the awful things that happen in this world?  The reports about Sri Lanka flood our scenes with the people in that country fearful of a descent back into civil war.  We don’t want them to learn from that.  But when we look beyond the traumatic event, we can hear of other stories – people who chose to go back into the bombed places to aid others, the people of every religion that gave blood to help the victims.  They are the people who chose to respond with love in the face of hatred.   We have to take extra effort to find those stories but they are there.

Those who respond with love in the face of hatred are the people of the Resurrection.  No matter how much pain and rejection Jesus had thrown at him, he responded with love.   So how do we teach this to our children?  By responding with love and goodness when we are neglected, used, and even abused. No, Jesus did not lie down and take it.  He came back transformed.  Children can so easily press out negative buttons and it often takes real grace and the wisdom of God to respond positively.

How we celebrate Anzac Day is another example of how Love can change everything.  On the surface, the day could be seen as a celebration of war but listen to where the majority of people choose to look.  Not at the ‘glory’ of war but at the courage, sacrifice and care that was shown by so many of those who served.  We look to these that we might be inspired to do the same in our own lives.

Loving Father, let me know how to show my children how to be positive and creative in negative situations.  May they learn how to draw on the loving strength of Jesus to respond to all with love.  I ask this in his name, confident that you will hear me. 

Sr Kym Harris osb