Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives

I did not like school.  I was one of those misfit kids.  Looking back, the teacher to whom I am most grateful was my Grade 1 teacher, Mrs Brown: she taught me to read and reading became my refuge.  She also intervened when I, in a higher grade, was being badly treated by my teacher.  Yes, you read that right and teachers reading this would know what that meant nearly 60 years ago.  If she is alive, I doubt she would remember me but I do remember her. My older brother also remembers her fondly.

Reading is one of the most important abilities I have and having known people who could not read, I cannot underestimate how precious a gift it is. Mrs Brown did her job and what a fine job she did. I doubt that she ever received any awards or accolades, except the occasional remembrance by former pupils.  She certainly transformed my life.  Looking back now, I wish I had had an opportunity to thank her.

This coming Friday, we celebrate World Teachers Day.  Take time this day to remember the teachers who transformed your life.  Often the abilities they taught were, like reading, so ordinary we rarely acknowledge them but, with a little reflection, we can realise what a profound influence they had on us.  If you have the opportunity, take this time to contact them and thank them.  That is the best affirmation a teacher can receive.

Loving God, thank you for the teachers who have transformed my life.  By my gratitude, may I show my child/ren how to be grateful for the people who serve and care for them in so many different ways.

Sr Kym Harris osb