Acquiring our own house, whether we build, buy or rent it, is a big challenge. We need at least money, some expertise and an idea of what we want.  But making a home  – now that’s the great challenge.  It is a work of the heart and while it can begin in a moment, it goes on all our life. Our homes have personalities. Every home is forged from the different people within – even a new born baby changes the dynamic.

Homemaking requires listening – to our own hearts and its needs, and to the hearts and needs of others.  At times, this requires self-discipline and self-sacrifice.  But the joy and contentment of being in our own home, when things are going well, is one of the deepest human pleasures.   

God, too, is a home maker and desires to make his home in each of our hearts.  In fact, God is already at work there now!  Maybe we realise this, maybe not – that doesn’t change the passion of God’s love.  But God is ever respectful of who we are and wants us to join with him in creating a home within us.  Can you imagine what type of home you would like your heart to be?  What would God like your heart to be like?  Working together, you and God, what type of home are you creating?   

Creative Father, loving Jesus, ever present Sprit, come make your home in me and in my family.  As we rest in your love, may we grow into our truest selves, loving you and each other.  We ask this in Jesus’ name, confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb.