Wisdom to Care.

Wisdom to Care.

When Jesus came to visit the home of Mary and Martha, he was greeted by two loving friends in two very different ways.  Martha impressively bustled about.  She welcomed Jesus, cleaned and cooked for him.  Mary, also welcomed him, but sat at his feet listening to his words. Jesus, tired from the challenges of his preaching life, appreciated them both and both loved him. But Martha couldn’t let Mary be, she wanted Mary to be up and about like her, showing her love by her actions. Jesus, though, was so pleased to have Mary just listening to him with her heart.

Like people everywhere in every time we can be caught up in too much busyness thinking, like Martha, that what we do is all important.  We can show love by cooking meals, washing the clothes, turning up for work, paying bills.  But it is also important to take time to listen to each other’s hearts, just to be gently present with each other. 

Try to take some time each day, listening to the heart of another – one of your family or friends – or to the heart of God.  As you listen you will find your own heart opening to even deeper love and care. Listening quietly in such a way will make you wiser in your relationships.

Loving Father, your love  watches over us at all times..  Send us your Spirit that we can learn the ways of being gently present to the hearts of those whom we love.  We ask this in the name of Jesus, our brother and friend, confident that you will hear us. 

Sr Kym Harris osb