3. God’s messengers

Comfort my people: speak to their heart.

This is the third in a series of reflections on God’s comfort and our neediness.

3. God’s messengers

So we really have faced our problems, looked honestly at some of our negative behaviours and turned to God for comfort and strength.  Don’t you just wish God would take those problems away? But it doesn’t happen like that.  Most of us have to struggle with our weaknesses to the end of life.  But this isn’t necessarily a negative thing.

When we truly face our weaknesses, recognise that we need help God doesn’t wave a magic wand and take them away.  He sends us other people. Maybe it is friends, a counsellor, a group, maybe the person over the back fence.  It is in the depth of our weakness that we meet the strength of other people.  Yes, we will know people who will put us down but we need not focus on them. Rather we should focus on the people who build us up and appreciate what they give us. 

God’s comfort will come into our lives primarily through others.  We are made for community and in the love and strength of others we will come to be that work of art God desires us to be.

Loving God, so often we feel overwhelmed by the challenges of our life.  Open our eyes to the comfort you offer through the people around us and give us the humility and love to accept their comfort.  We ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear us.