So you want to be a celebrity!…or at 1east special.

So you want to be a celebrity!…or at 1east special.

I write this on the Feast of the Transfiguration.  “Come again?” you well may ask, ‘What is that?”  This is a day in the Church’s year when we celebrate that time in the life of Jesus when his divine glory shone through in his human flesh and the Father’s voice was heard declaring that Jesus was his beloved Son and that he found his delight in him.  His disciples were simply blown away by the glory of it all.

So what has that to do with you, with your parenting, with the challenges you may have at work.  A lot.  We are made for glory.  Made in God’s image we desire greatness, we desire full and passionate love, we desire someone to find delight in us.  And God wants this for us as well.  But this isn’t something we can just take – we have to learn how to receive it from the hands of others.  When we grab, when others grab, all sorts of problems come about. People become selfish and demanding, thoughtless and rude.  The result may look like power but it certainly is without glory.

My grandfather was a man whose glory shone through.  He was very old when he died, 96 years, and many people, especially young people were at his funeral …, “because he was so good to us.”  He was a poor man so he had nothing to give except interest, courtesy, love, conversation.  His life had been spent in love and care of his family and friends.  He knew the way to true glory – love of those that God had given him.

Loving Father, you showed your love and delight of Jesus your Son when glory radiated through him.  Send us your Spirit to shine through us as we love our family, friends and wider community.  You know how restless our hearts can be, may they rest in your love.  We ask this in Jesus’ name, confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb