What’s your choice?

What’s your choice?

A woman died and wasn’t too sure as to whether she would be going to heaven or to hell.  St Peter decided to give her a tour of the dining rooms in both places, as there was a little time before her judgment took place.

Into heaven’s dining room, he swept her and it was magnificent – the best food, OMG the wines, everything was extraordinary, except for one strange thing, the fork and spoons were over a metre long.  Not wanting to show her ignorance and because St Peter was wanting to move on, she asked nothing.

Now she was swept into hell’s dining room and…it was exactly the same, right down to the strange cutlery.  Now she couldn’t kept silent: “What the hell, or heaven for that matter, is going on?  They are both the same!”  “Ah!” said St Peter, “the places look both the same but the people are different.  You see that cutlery that shows up people for what they are like.  They are too long for a person to feed themselves (and they must use cutlery here). In heaven, the people feed each other, enjoy the banquet and each other’s company and love.  In hell, they refuse to share, want to only feed themselves and so they starve in the midst of a feast.  What is more they taunt and ridicule each other for their failure.”

“By the way, this is now your judgment.  What’s your choice?”

Loving God, you desire all people to share in the fullness of your life and love.  May we follow the example of Jesus and filled with your Spirit share with others the goodness you have given us.  We ask this in his name, confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb