Images of Grace

I find that the notion of grace is best expressed from experience.  When I think of ‘grace’ the first image that comes to mind is the beauty of the man who built ‘on-site’ our concrete water tanks down in Victoria.  Rarely have I seen a person so graceful, not a movement was wasted and everything he did, seemed without effort: spreading gravel, mixing concrete, climbing in and out of the half-finished tanks.  He exhibited a level of discipline and care that one would expect of ballet artists and when he finally finished by putting his ‘signature’, his phone number on the tanks, he stepped back and said: “They are beautiful!” So like God over creation: “God saw …it was very good!” (Gen1: 31)

Why does this come to mind as an image of grace?  Because this man recognised the deep dignity of his work.  He did not dismiss himself as a glorified concreter but rather he understood that every action can be precious and good, no matter how humble.  Was he religious?  I don’t know.  We only talked about his wife, whom he dearly loved, and his footy.  He was over forty and still played for the local senior side.  He kept on trying to retire but the team wouldn’t let him.  Why would they?  You don’t let spirit like that go. 

In this Year of Grace, I hope to occasionally describe images of grace that have touched me: people, moments, events.  I invite you to do the same and to share them with others – they can change your lives for the better.     

Loving Jesus, your grace comes to us through the experiences of life.  Send us your Spirit that we may realise when grace is happening and respond in love.  We ask this in your name, confident that the Father will hear. 

Sr Kym Harris osb