How to say ‘Thank You’

How to say ‘Thank You’

I read up a book drawn by its quirky title: Adulting: How to become an adult in 468 easy(ish) ways.*  Even though I am out of the age range of the intended audience by about three decades, I thought I might learn some things.  I did, like ‘How to write a Thank you note’.  The formula went as follows:

1. Focus on the other person, i.e. begin ‘You…’

2. List great aspects of the present/action/gift for which you are thanking them.

3. End with the ‘Thank you…’

Notice how the ‘Thank you’ came at the end of the note, not the beginning.  We need to actually revel in the good qualities of something before we can express thanks.  Thanking too soon can cut short our chance to really appreciate what we have received but taking the time to linger in the enjoyment adds to our pleasure and the good feeling of the person receiving our note. 

The same can apply to God.  We all know that we ‘should’ be grateful but perhaps we have that sense of ‘should’ because we haven’t given ourselves the time to linger in enjoyment of the good things we have received.  One of the integral parts of the Christian practice of Sunday was to take time to rest and enjoy.  This is part of worship.  No matter how energetic or committed we are, we need time to relax and take pleasure in just being.  And when we have done this, we find that the words, ‘Thank you, God’ just finish off nicely that time of joy. 

Loving God, slow me down some time so that I have some time to slow down and enjoy the good things that have come my way. Let me fill up on the pleasure of these people and things so that ‘Thank you” rises freely from my spirit. 

*By Kelly Williams Brown.                                                                            Sr Kym Harris osb