Love Letters

Love Letters

Recently, Frances Whiting in an article suggested that we take up writing love letters and she shared one that she had written.  No, it wasn’t to her husband, children, Mum or even her younger self.  It was to librarians.  In it she thanks them for all the amazing things they had done in her life and in the lives of others.  It was such a gracious generous letter.

It led me to pondering, who would I write to?  Very quickly, the Road Team of Livingstone Shire came to mind.  We had an intersection that I dreaded crossing.  Every time we used it going to the pool we felt like we were risking our lives.  Then the council put in lights.  They have been in for nearly two years now and I still find myself saying a prayer for the crew that put them in.  I told this to the Town Engineer (he is in our parish) and he seemed quite chuffed that their work had been consciously appreciated. 

Noticing the good that others do, appreciating it and thanking them for it, even in an anonymous way makes a difference.  It changes us and how we deal with people, how we deal with life.  We become more gracious.  When we see this good, it helps us do and be good.  We enter into the circle of care that makes our world a welcoming place to live it.  Even though we may not consciously think of God, we are acknowledging and welcoming the grace that is the basis of a happy life.

So who would you write to?

Loving God, help we to recognise the many people who create the goodness that surrounds my life.  Give me a sense of gratitude for what they have done and when I have the opportunity let me express my thanks.  I ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear me….and thank you for all the good you are doing in my life.

Sr Kym Harris osb