In Praise of Routine

In Praise of Routine

Children are back at school!  One can almost hear the sigh of relief across the land.  It may be because activities for the children no longer need to be organised or the preschool rush is over but underneath it all there is a huge sense that we can get ‘back to normal’: to get into a routine again.  Very good things happen within a routine.  A routine gives a sense of security.  It gives the time when children and adolescents (and adults for that matter) do their best learning. It gives us the space to focus on other things in our lives. If our routines are good.

Many important things happen routinely.  Like showing care, affection and attention to each other.  The building blocks of our family life are often done on what seems like ‘automatic pilot’, and that is a good thing, if our routines are good.  Now is a good time to review what you do routinely: how you say ‘good-bye’ to your children as they go to school, listen to them when they come home, ensure you have a ‘happy time’ together each evening, skype a parent who may be away. Ordinary activities are the most regular and routine ways we have to show love to each other. 

The same can be said for our relationship with God.  If we feel God is absent from our lives, we should consider how we could bring God into our ordinary activities.  One way is to pray for each of your children every day. Take time to share your concerns and love each child with God.  Your shared love of your children is a great and strong bond you have with God.

Loving God, let me see the ways good routines help my family to be feel secure and to grow in love.  Let me appreciate the great bond of love I have with you over my children.  I ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb