Speak to Me

“Speak to me, I will listen with the heart.”

As parents, one of the greatest joys is when our child opens his or her heart to us. We feel fulfilled in who we are.  We know that we can’t force it to happen. We know it rarely happens when we are tired or cranky or busy or distracted.  We know that such a sharing touches something very deep within us and within our child.

God too is a parent…one who has made it clear that listening to the desires of our hearts is of highest importance.  God is never tired, cranky, busy, distracted, rather God is just waiting for us to crawl up into the divine lap and pour out our heart.  Unbelievable as it seems, God listens to each of us as though we were the only one. We may find that hard to understand as we complain that our prayers go unanswered but we have to ask ourselves what type of prayers are they.  Are they just words we repeat with our hearts far away? Are they orders given to God to make life easier – don’t let the boss be angry? Find me the parking spot? Let us get a good price for the house?  We are more than these concerns, we have deeper needs and God knows this. Something deeply human within us blossoms when we share heart to heart with God.

This Lent, take some quiet moments with God. Perhaps when waiting to pick up the kids, when putting the washing out, during a lull at work, ask yourself, “What is my heart feeling?” and share that with God. 

Loving God, you want us to draw close to you.  Send up your Spirit so that we may see how much you loved us by sending us your Son. May the example of Jesus inspire our prayer.  We ask this in his name confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris osb