Joy in Goodness

Joy in Goodness.

In the past week, two very different events have given much joy: the canonization of Mary MacKillop and the rescue of the Chilean miners.  While they are unrelated, both show us how much joy goodness can bring, even goodness that may not directly involve us.   Across Australia, the story of Mary MacKillop has been repeatedly told.  While the media has mentioned the work she did for the poor, it often focused on the unjust treatment Mary experienced and acknowledged how she treated well those who treated her badly.  When given lemons, she made lemonade and then shared it around.  By treating all well, she began a chain of goodness that continues to this day.

With the Chilean miners, we saw a marvellous rescue effort that had people of different nations, giving their expertise to the local rescue workers.  Working together, they did something that hardly seemed possible. And what a rush of joy went around the world!

Goodness brings joy.  We may not be saints and we may not be able to do dramatic rescues but we can be a source of joy to our family and to our communities.  The kind word, the generous act set off a chain of happiness.  Try each day to praise someone outside of your usual circle, try to do an act of kindness to one who cannot pay you back.  When we do such things we are like God, delighting in doing good.

Loving God, you delight in your creation and you want us to be good like you.  Send us your Spirit of Joy that we may give to the world the love you showed in your Son, Jesus.  We ask this in his name confident that you will hear us.   

Sr Kym Harris