Mary MacKillop’s Courage

Mary MacKillop’s Courage

I often wonder how courage works. Because I so often feel like a coward, I marvel at people who can take physical risks or travel through dangerous countries alone.  Too many “what if” scenarios would paralyse me. Yet when I look at the life of Mary MacKillop I see a different courage in which all of us can share.  In fact, many people we know live that type of courage on a daily basis. 

All of us have dreams and ideals but life has a way of not only knocking the shine off our dreams but even of dragging them through the dirt. Then we are tempted to give up.  Courage is not just keeping our dreams but also adapting them to the new circumstances.  Mary had that courage.  Through rejection by her Church, problems within her own community, tragedy in her family, illness in her life, she carried on with her belief that simple, good education into the love of God and basic skills could transform the life of the poor.  By the time she died, she and her sisters had become a force for transformation across two countries.  

Most peoples’ dreams revolve around love and making life better for the people they love.  Yet the circumstances of daily life seem to work against our ability to love.  Illness, unemployment or too much work, the stresses of caring for different people or troublesome neighbours can undermine the buoyancy of our hearts. It is then we need the courage of a Mary MacKillop which faces these cares squarely and continues the dream of love.

Ever-loving God, it is the dream of your Holy Spirit that you have placed deep in our hearts.  You call us to show to each other the love of Jesus. May Mary MacKillop’s example inspire us into the ways of love.  We ask this in Jesus’ name confident that you will hear us.

Sr Kym Harris